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AC Energy Efficiency Testing

In the context of MENA region’s hot climatic conditions, HVAC, despite its energy footprint, remains an inevitable part of the urban built environment. As the regional construction market continues to adopt sustainable building practices, HVAC testing for performance and energy efficiency are instrumental to further its progress towards sustainable urban environment

In the same vein, resource conservation is essential to the attainment of a sustainable future. Accredited by ISO, GORD LABS' Energy Efficiency & Performance Testing lab is a unique facility offering impartial testing services in the region, catering to the needs of manufacturers and suppliers in communicating their appliances’ environmental credentials. By verifying manufacturers’ sustainability claims about their products, GORD LABS' certification provides a clear evidence for clients favouring eco-friendly products.

Providing data on more than 30 parameters of appliances, our AC testing facility houses latest technological solutions for performance testing and authentication. By simulating the indoor and outdoor conditions in terms of temperature and humidity levels, our test chambers can verify operations, efficiency and stability of appliances in any given scenario. With its current capacity, this testing facility can assess all types of commercially available home-use ACs ranging from 9000 BTU to 70000 BTU.

Upon the completion of testing procedures, clients are provided with a full test report complying with the QS SASO 2663 standard along with details on multiple parameters, providing deeper insights about the optimum usage of the unit.

Capable Tests & Standards Applicable Products
QS SASO 2663 HVAC/R (AC, Heater, Heat Pumps)