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Testing Process

The key steps of a testing process at GORD LABS for a device are outlined below:

Testing process at GORD LABS
Testing process at GORD LABS

Notes to Customer

Number 1 iconModels with slight differences
For models with slight differences, these needs to be tested separate and the full testing charges apply.
Number 2 iconDiscounts
For discounts for multiple tests, please contact GORD LABS prior to get the best offers.
Number 3 iconProof of number of items
The proof of document for the number of items in the shipment can be a copy of the any of the below
  • Shipping note
  • Packing List
  • Item details with number of items shipped (from port)


  Test Request (PDF)

  Annexure HA (PDF) - for Home appliances

  Annexure AC (PDF) - for Air Conditioners